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Learn how to Protect Your Personal Space... even around those who drain you!

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Have you ever walked into a grocery store full of energy, and felt wiped out when you left… and it was only a quick trip?

Are you in the service industry, a nurse, massage therapist, or someone who deals with irritated people at work, and it is all you can do to get through your day… each patient or person you help seems to take everything you have. 

Or are you a parent, whose day is fine until your child falls apart and then you can't seem to get your groove back?

If other people's stuff is affecting you… Congratulations!

You are an Empath!

Learn More about Being an Empath...
and how to Protect Your Personal Space!

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Here's just a sample of what's in "Protecting Your Personal Space."

  • Learn about what happens to your body around other people! 

  • Why all the boundary stuff doesn't work!

  • The super simple way to be 100% in charge of your Personal Space!

  • What kind of Empath you are... and why you might not think of yourself as one!

  • ​Discover the #1 reason why Meditations may not be working for you!

  • How to be around those you love (and even those you don't) and thrive!

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